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Hermitage Heart Women Ancestors – Hymn to the Perfection of Wisdom

Homage to the Perfection of Wisdom,
Prajnaparamita, the Mother of the Buddhas.
The lovely and the holy Perfection of Wisdom gives light.
Unstained, the entire world cannot stain her.
Being one, she is the source of light removing suffering
from all beings in the triple world.
Being one, she releases all fear and distress.
Being one, she disperses the gloom and darkness of delusion.
The eye of vision and wisdom,
the clear knowing of one’s own being in all Dharmas:
The Perfection of Wisdom of the Buddhas,
The Mother of All Buddhas.
Acharya Mahapajapati (Acarya)
Acharya Mitta
Acharya Yasodhara
Acharya Tissa
Acharya Sumana
Acharya Upasama
Acharya Viskha
Acharya Khema
Acharya Uppalavanna
Acharya Sundari-Nanda
Acharya Vaddhesi
Acharya Patacara
Acharya Uttama
Acharya Bhadda-Kundalakesa
Acharya Nanduttara
Acharya Dantika
Acharya Sakula
Acharya Siha
Acharya Dhammadina
Acharya Kisagotami
Acharya Vasetthi
Acharya Ubbiri
Acharya Patacara-Pancasata
Acharya Isidasi
Acharya Bhadda-Kapilani
Acharya Mutta
Acharya Capa
Acharya Dhamma
Acharya Citta
Acharya Vimala
Acharya Addhakasi
Acharya Padumavati
Acharya Ambapali
Acharya Anopama
Acharya Abhirupa-Nanda
Acharya Jenti.

We pay homage to our women ancestors of the Eastern lands:
The seven-year old daughter of the dragon king Sagara
The nun Soji Honored One, Dharma heir of Great Master Bodhidharma
The nun Mo-shan, disciple of Kao-an Ta-yu
The nun Miao-hsin, disciple of Hui-chi who enlightened 17 monks
Iron Brush Liu, an equal of Master Isan.The women disciples of Great Master Dogen
the nun Egi
the nun Eshin
the nun Shogaku
the nun Ryonen
The women disciples of Great Master Keizan
the nun Sonin Honored One, Dharma heir and chief priest of Enzuin
Ekan Honored One, chief priest of Enzuin
the nun Shozen, the nun Shinmyo
the nun En’i,  the nun Shinsho
the nun Myosho, the nun Jonin
the nun Ekyu, the nun Ninkai, the nun Myoshin
And all other direct Soto women ancestors:
the nun Shune, the nun Genshu
the nun Joa, the nun Honsho
the nun Shue, the nun Soki
the nun Somyo, the nun Zensho
the nun Soitsu, the nun Ryoso
the nun Myojun, the nun Myoko
the nun Myozen,
the nun Mugai Nyodai, founder of the first Zen Buddhist convent in Japan
the nun Kojima Kendo, advocate of the equality of women in the Soto Sect.
The nun Otagaki Rengetsu who used art to enlighten

We recognize all laywomen who carried the Dharma
The laywoman Queen Srimala
We give homage to all the Women Honored Ones whose names have been forgotten and left unsaid

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